Portrait of Benjamin Franklin (Trumbull), 1778
Photo courtesy of the Yale...
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Photo courtesy of the Yale University Art Gallery, John Hill Morgan, B.A. 1893, LL.B. 1896, M.A. (Hon.) 1929, Fund.

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The tiny engraving by Charles Nicholas Cochin of Augustin de St. Aubin's informal sketch of Franklin had an influence far beyond its size. Among the artists who copied it was the young American, John Trumbull, whose interpretation was made, according to his studio list, within about a year of the publication of the print. His notation of No. 39 is "Head of Dr. Franklin - a fur cap - from a French print," identifying it clearly as the image that has resonated with so many over the years. Trumbull's image is in oils on a wood panel; he depicts Franklin on a gray ground, wearing a gray fur cap and lilac-brown suit.
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