Portrait of Benjamin Franklin, after 1774?
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Photo Courtesy of Freeman's...
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The painting is reported to have been owned by one A. Moll, Genoa, Italy. In support of an Italian ownership is a hand-written note in Italian, identifying the subject as Franklin and citing his discovery of electricity. Also in Italian is a printed label of A. Beltrami on the via San Andrea in Milan. A label from the American Federation of the Arts lists the painting as included in the exhibit of Old Master drawings from the collection of Mr.and Mrs. Lester Francis Avnet. The exhibit dates are listed as May 1969 - December 1970; its number is 69-16, and the cataloigue number is 13. . as possibly in the 19th century; sold by Sotheby's, London, in 1965 (24 November 1965);in the collection of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Francis Avnet in the mid-sixties; exhibited by Salander-O-Reilly Galleries, NY, (date?); in a private collection, 2007. A label from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts identifying the painting as being from the American Federation of Arts, with the number 270.89.5. A label from the Salander-O'Reilly Gallery of New York identifies the drawing with the letters and numbers SORC 6091 and N:XSN, NRR. The work is believed to have been sold by Sotheby's London on 29 November 1965. It was offered by Freeman's Auction house, Philadelphia, PA on April 22, at Sale 1275, lot 214.
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