"Fugio" penny, 1787
Obverse. Photo by Peter...
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Obverse. Photo by Peter Harholdt, 2004

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Reverse. Photo by Peter...
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Copper; Diam. 1 1/8 in. (2.7 cm)
Collection of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, Pa.)
The first coin authorized by the new United States Congress was a one-cent coin. Because there was not yet a government mint, more than one version of the coin was struck. The design (believed to be suggested by Franklin) shows the sun and a sundial on the obverse, with the words FUGIO (Latin: I fly) and the date 1787. Centered on the reverse is the motto WE ARE ONE, surrounded by the words UNITED STATES and ringed by a chain with 13 links.
Included in BF300 Exhibit.
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