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Sarita Jordan's Autobiography (submitted 5/7/06)

Two big, bulging eyes, long, apparently big feet, spotted, scaly, acne-prone skin and feeling "green." A single mother of one by the age of 21, but on my way to being the first college graduate in my entire family. After graduation in May 1990, my life was full of upsets and disappointments. I felt like I had no support from my family, was unemployed, recovering from a failed relationship and living day to day with low self-esteem. Nevertheless, those adversities became the "lily pads of my life"--stepping stones. I began to hop from one lesson to another, always searching for happiness. For the next 15 years, I experienced many "lumps and bumps." By this time in my life, I expected to have landed. However, when I didn't, I accepted the reality that it was another opportunity for GOD to show me His goodness. My feet were planted solidly when I realized that life's challenges were reminders to Fully Rely On God,(F.R.O.G.). One fall day, in September 2005, a "lump" appeared that was unlike any trial I had ever faced. It was not painful. It was just there. The size of a small pea, big enough for me to see. I was later diagnosed with the big "C"--breast cancer. "Ribit!" I never questioned GOD why? Shortly thereafter, there were tests here and doctors there, like a fly. I had to undergo surgery, chemotherapy and radiation with no hair, oh my! Today, at the age of 37, I finally realize that I didn't have to kiss sooo many frogs trying to find my prince. All I had to do all along was fully rely on Him and I would be convinced. I survived the metamorphosis only to start life's process all over again.

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