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Sade Dennis's Autobiography (submitted 5/12/06)

What I want to know is why? Why do we give each other bad labels? Is it because of jealousy or just to make fun? Why do we treat each other like killer dogs and harmless cats? Why?
Why do we ignore what we really need to know like good things to live our lives by, but we give our undivided attention to violence?
Why do we treat our peers like they are statistics? We play favorites and don't consider the other side regardless if its right or wrong.
Why can't we just live our lives, make mistakes, and still go on? Why?
Why are we afraid to help those who need to show that they are not afraid to die? Why do they have to use guns and smoke drugs?
If we could keep children from seeing and hearing violence this world might be a little easier in the future. If we weren't so scared to ask Why?, we would know the reason people make bad choices.

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