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Wally Cunliffe's Autobiography (submitted 5/2/06)

Rain and gray skies forced me to leave England with the help of the WWII and the Royal Air Force, where I served as a flight mechanic in South Africa, Egypt and Palestine. Afterwards I emigrated and lived in South African cities and South-West Africa (now Namibia). My sport was cross-country, road and mountain running. In one city I wrote a weekly newspaper column on athletics. On a business trip to Europe for a Cape Town trade journal publisher I met Bente Andersen on a cross Channel steamer in rough weather; both of us traveling from England to Germany We parted in Cologne; married the following year in Denmark. The Hungarian Revolution began. We drove to Vienna to help out. Russian tanks rolled into Budapest. Britain, France and Israel attacked Egypt because Nasser had seized the Suez Canal. Kruschev threatened Eisenhower, Washington and London. World War III was feared. We left hurriedly on a passenger/freighter from Bremen, A leisurely honeymoon contined in calm waters to Cape Town where our first child was born. A guest from our wedding offered to sponsor us to America and we accepted. I worked for an international steel company for a few years and then set up an import business. Invited back to Europe again we moved to Frankfurt but Russian tanks rolled again, this time into Prague. This was 1968. We left once more for America and have lived in the Norman Rockwell type town of Yardley ever snce. No-one has threatened us here except the Delaware which flooded us out in 2004 and 2005.

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