Portrait bust of Benjamin Franklin (Sèvres), 1778-1779 (and later)
Photo Courtesy of New-York...
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Photo Courtesy of New-York Historical Society

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"In Pursuit of Genius : Jean-Antoine Houdon and the Sculpted Portraits of Benjamin Franklin," at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, 5/13/06 - 9/30/06, included a bust from Yale University.
Related Publications

Sellers, Charles Coleman, Benjamin Franklin in Portraiture (New Haven: Yale University, 1962) The discussion of the various Sèvres busts in Sellers is very thorough. The author illustrates the plaster model from the archives at Sèvres, and an example owned by Harvard's Fogg Museum.

Research into these Sèvres portraits was aided greatly by information from independent scholar Christina Nelson.

Other busts can be found at Harvard University Portrait Collection (Cambridge, Mass.), New -York Historical Society (New York, N.Y.), The White House (Washington, D.C.), and Yale University Art Gallery (New Haven, Conn.).

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