Guides and Materials About Mr. Franklin
An Introduction
Ben Across the Curriculum
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Lesson 1. 9-12 From Ben’s Pen to Our Lives   Language Arts
Lesson 2. 9-12 What Ben Read   History, Language Arts
Lesson 3. 9-12 Reading the Work of B. Franklin, Printer   History, Language Arts
Lesson 4. 9-12 The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin   History, Language Arts
Lesson 5. 9-12 The Junto Meets Again   Civics, Language Arts, Life Skills
Lesson 6. 9-12 Franklin’s Philadelphia: Another Point of View   History
Lesson 7. 9-12 Ingenious: Franklin Assembles a Scientific Community   History
Lesson 8. 9-12 Designing Benjamin Franklin: In Search of a Better World   Language Arts, Science, Technology
Lesson 9. 9-12 Franklin, Master Diplomat   History
Lesson 10. 9-12 Benjamin Franklin: Master Diplomat for One Last Time   Civics, Language Arts, History, Visual Arts