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January 30: The Pennsylvania Assembly elected Franklin and Hugh Meredith as the official government printers
July 14: Franklin purchased Meredith’s side of the business and became sole proprietor
September 1: Franklin entered into a common-law marriage with Deborah (Read) Rogers
February 1: Franklin joined the Freemasons.
June 10: Franklin publishes his “Apology for Printers,” a defence of the freedom of the press.
July 1: Franklin founded the Library Company of Philadelphia
September 3: Franklin sponsored his journeyman Thomas Whitmarsh as his printing partner in South Carolina, advancing the printing press and types in return for one-third of the profits over a six-year term.
October 20: Francis Folger Franklin born to Benjamin Franklin and Deborah Read
December 28: Franklin published the first edition of Poor Richard’s Almanack under the pseudonym “Richard Saunders”
June 24: Franklin elected Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Masons of Pennsylvania.
February 4: Franklin’s brother, printer James Franklin died in Newport, Rhode Island. Franklin helped his widow by bringing up his nephew James Franklin and also by supplying her with hundreds of copies of his imprints (especially his Poor Richard’s Almanack) free.
January 17: Franklin turned 30
October 15: Franklin appointed clerk of the Pennsylvania Assembly
November 21: Franklin’s son, Francis Folger Franklin, died at the age of 4
December 7: Franklin organized the Union Fire Company of Philadelphia
February 15: Franklin’s home was robbed by William Lloyd.
Beginning May 15: Franklin campaigned to clean up the tan-yards on the Philadelphia docks, but he failed in this environmental issue.
December 31: Franklin made his first documented purchase of an alcoholic beverage--a modest 1s, 6d, worth of beer. Terms of Use Credits