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March 6: Franklin elected chairman of the Associates of Dr. Bray, a philanthropic group that sponsored charity schools for blacks in Philadelphia, New York, Rhode Island, and Williamsburg, Virginia.
July 13: Franklin sent Giambatista Beccaria, an Italian scientist who published Franklin's electrical theories, a description of his recently invented instrument, the glass armonica (he had started working on it in 1761). Mozart and Beethoven later composed for it.
September 4: Benjamin Franklin’s son, William Franklin, married Elizabeth Downes in London.
September 9: King George III commissioned William Franklin the royal Governor of New Jersey
November 1: Franklin returned to Philadelphia
October 1: Franklin was defeated in his campaign for a seat in the Pennsylvania Assembly. The election campaign was notable for vicious attacks on Franklin's character (it was alleged that he favored royal government because he coveted governorship; that he had drawn large income from public monies while Assembly agent in England; that he had been careless with public funds given to his supervision; that William's mother was his maidservant Barbara, and that he had buried her in an unmarked grave).
November 1: Franklin left Philadelphia for London, as the agent of the Pennsylvania Assembly
February 27: Stamp Act passed in House of Commons
September 16-17: Franklin’s house threatened by Stamp Act protestors. Deborah refused to flee, and the mob was dissuaded by 8oo Franklin supporters ready to combat them.
January 17: Franklin turned 60
October 29: Franklin’s daughter Sarah married to Richard Bache, Philadelphia merchant.
July 20: In a letter to Polly Stevenson, Franklin used and explained his new phonetic alphabet.
Fall: Franklin had maps printed showing the course of the Gulf Stream.
January 2: American Philosophical Society elected Franklin its President (and reelected him every year until his death.)
Winter: Deborah Franklin suffered a stroke, which impaired her memory and understanding; her health deteriorated thereafter.
August 12: Franklin’s grandson, Sally’s son, Benjamin Franklin Bache born. Terms of Use Credits